Our team

Our team consists of technical experts who worked for many years, or still work in their technical field as engineers. They are not just technical copywriters, but also technical translators rendering content into their native language.

1Shared Software Environment

Our translators collaborate intensively in a shared software environment, where they find the necessary resources and support for their work. This concept significantly improves the quality and efficacy of our services.

attestica team

More than just Project Management: we work with people for people. We do not collaborate with anonymous (to the client) and isolated freelancers. A successful translation requires more than just "project management" techniques. We also understand and apply human resource management to provide our technical experts with individualized and convenient conditions for their work.

2In-office Approach


Nothing in the virtual world yet replaces "face-time" - colleagues interacting with each other as needed in the same physical office space. This approach has especially positive impact on high-volume jobs requiring a translator team to deliver them.

3Technical Training & Support


So-called CAT tools have greatly increased in importance in the translation industry in the past decade. Our translators receive training in the latest tools and technologies plus ongoing support in their application. This benefits our clients through increased efficiency and quality.

The quality matters.

  • CAT tools
  • Terminology databases
  • Quality management
  • Safe infrastructure
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Katerina ensures on-time delivery:

Human approach combined with a sense for discipline and detail are the basic elements of our translation services. Fairness and extremely high-quality work lead to mutual satisfaction for both customers and translators.

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Find out, why progressive companies uses services of Attestica professionals

We have been collaborating with Attestica for many years on our projects of high performance press implementation for the automotive industry. First of all we appreciate the individual attitude that makes you feel that the Attestica team joins effectively our project team.

Franz Richter Project Manager, Hermle Machine Company