Technical Translation Services

Our technical translation approach focuses on both technical precision and readability, thanks to our unique combination of engineering and marketing copywriting expertise and our compliance with the EN 15038 standard for Technical Communications.

We translate everything from the manual to the dashboard

AutomotiveWe all in our team started as professionals in different kinds of industries, bus as translators we agree on following: There is nothing that fascinating as the industrial car assembly. No other branch combines mechanical engineering with electronics and telecommunications as the automotive industry.

We translate operation, service, maintenance and repair manuals, marketing and advertisement materials and concomitant documentation of production machines and processing technologies applied on:

We translate owner/operation, service, maintenance and repair manuals, marketing and advertising copy as well as collateral documentation for production machines and processing technologies. We have done such projects for:

  • Passenger cars
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Railway vehicles

Why choose us?
Everyone on our team started out as a professional in different industries and disciplines. But as translators we agree: there’s nothing quite as fascinating as the auto engineering and manufacturing process, which combines mechanical engineering with electronics and telecommunications as no other industry does.

We’ve been in business since 2005. Our client list includes global names like Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar Group, Bentley, GM/Opel and Harley Davidson

Machines move the world. Electronic components make them smart.

ElectronicsIn today's globalized world, electronic components are vital to a huge range or industries and products, and translations of everything from specifications to user manuals and interfaces is vital their successful application.

Our team includes translators with established knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering, and applications ranging from automotive to consumer and entertainment electronics. One of our major portfolios is for components of the German manufacturer Siemens.

So they can Read The Manual...

MechatronicsWithout software, even the best hardware amounts becomes a mere a door-stop. We can translate technical and user manuals, including on-line Help, for all types of software systems. Our translation portfolio includes banking and financial, and telecommunications systems.

In addition to localizing software applications, we can also localize web sites and online multimedia content. For example, we recently localized an e-Learning application, "Creating Client's Value", used for sales and marketing training by IMPARTA Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

If it’s mechanical and it moves... we describe it

Mechanical EngineeringWhether it be automotive assembly, metal working, tool manufacturing... we can translate technical documentation and collateral materials for any kind of industrial production.

Recent examples of such projects include Schuler SMG, manufacturer of high performance presses, Hermle, manufacturer of CNC metal working machines, and tools supplier Brammer.

Knowledge is the Key...

Industrial ProcessingKnowledge and understanding of various technologies involved in industrial productions, as well as associated standards, enables us to handle translations of interdisciplinary documentation.

We provide know-how in following subject areas:

  • Energy, sustainable and non-sustainable resources
  • Traffic, transport and storage systems
  • Packaging technology
  • Hydrostatics and hydraulics
  • Liquids transfer, gas compression
  • Heat transfer, thermal engineering
  • Mass transfer, diffusion processes
  • Control and regulation of technology processes

It's got everyone talking...

TelcoOur portfolio includes translated documentation for mobile devices, telecommunications systems and appliances. In our domestic market we collaborate on projects run by the leading operators: Telefonica O2 Czech Republic and T-Mobile Czech Republic.

In the global arena, our biggest achievement so far is the localization of the voice mailbox system Anypath, produced by Alcatel-Lucent, USA. Our team was involved in overall project management, the analysis of Czech language for the Anypath system, translation of individual messages, supervision of male and female voice recording and system testing.

1Wide spectrum of technical knowledge and experience


When high-quality technical translation matters. Attestica is the right choice. Our translators have extensive experience is specialized technologies and industries.

2A dedicated expert for your project


Many technical translation agencies simply assign an account manger to your project who then “farms it out” to some freelance translator.

At Attestica, we take a different approach. Every client project has an expert-translator assigned, whose role is to connect the usually-isolated worlds of the technical specialist and the marketing copywriter. Technical experts usually have a deep understanding of technical complexities, but their writing is only usable by other technical experts. Marketing copywriters usually write texts for mass consumption, but generally lack understanding of underlying technical issues.

We employ a “new breed” of Technical Communications professional, fast gaining recognition across industries: the “technical copywriter/technical translator”.

3Overall Quality & Consistency


Running projects compliant with EN 15038 standards is not just a formality for us. And it’s just one part of our overall quality infrastructure.

We use a combination of software tools augmented by expert human intelligence. Tools help us ensure precision and integrity of our translation as well as consistent terminology. Functions like Spell Check, Typography Check, and Terminology Check are applied by both commercial tools and our own QA software.

Tools are great for some things, but other things - proofreading, for example - are still better done by humans. Even the best writer can miss things after working on a piece for some time. That’s why we use the “Four-eyes” principle of proofing, where all work is reviewed in our own office by a colleague who has not seen it before.

The quality matters.

  • CAT tools
  • Terminology databases
  • Quality management
  • Safe infrastructure
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Tomas ensures consistent, correct terminology

With his engineering background and 14+ years in the technical translation field, Tomas handles the most difficult projects for clients in a variety of technical disciplines, in such industries and automotive, medical devices, and information technology.

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Find out, why progressive companies uses services of Attestica professionals

We have been collaborating with Attestica for many years on our projects of high performance press implementation for the automotive industry. First of all we appreciate the individual attitude that makes you feel that the Attestica team joins effectively our project team.

Franz Richter Project Manager, Hermle Machine Company